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County Cavan

The inland county of Cavan was the ancient principality of East Brefne, 
or Brefne O'Reilly. It contains no exceptionally fine features, but 
was celebrated in the wars for the fastnesses formed by its woods, 
lakes and bogs, which gave shelter and security to its native possessors.
It was one of the Ulster counties formed in 1584 by the lord deputy, 
Sir John Perrot, and derived its name from the principal seat of its 
native rulers, which, situated in the centre of a rich tract, is still 
the chief town. The surface of the county is mainly like that of 
Monaghan, undulating with small hills and valleys. Its principal 
interest is in being the cradle of the great river Shannon, which 
rises in the barony of Tullyhaw, parish of Templeport, townland of 
Derrylaghan, at the head of a wild district called Glangavelin, and in 
the valley between Cuilcagh and Langanacallagh Mountains, close to the 
base of the former. The source or spring is of a circular form, about 
50 feet in diameter, called the Shannon Pot, or more generally, 
Leighmonshena. The water boils up in the centre, and yields a continued 
stream about eight feet wife and two feet deep in the driest season, 
which runs four miles an hour. In rainy weather it overflows its banks 
and all low grounds in the vicinity. There are many caverns and clefts 
on the top and sides of Cuilcagh which receive the rain; and, as no 
streams descend, the drainage of the mountain and its subterranean 
springs combined form an outlet here, and give birth to the Shannon. 
Two miles from its source it receives the Owenmore, and seven miles 
farther on, having gathered its tributaries and swelled to a considerable
river of fifty to sixty yards wide, with a varying depth of from five 
to ten feet, it enters Lough Allen in force. Its onward course has been 
indicated in the article on Leitrim, of which, after leaving Lough Allen, 
it becomes a boundary.

- Picturesque Ireland 1884

Record Sources By Year

Year Records
1612-13 Survey of Undertakers Planted in Co. Cavan: Historical Manuscripts Commission Report, No. 4
1619-1898 Ireland Marriages, 1619-1898
1620-1881 Ireland Births and Baptisms, 1620-1881
1630 Muster Roll of Ulster. Armagh County Library. PRONI D.1759/3C/1, T.808/15164. NLI POS. 206.
1641 Testimonies of 263 witnesses to the 1641 Rebellion.
1660-1834 Belturbet Corporation records: Annual lists of court cases. NAI MFP 4.1
1664 Hearth Money Roll, parishes of Killeshandra, Kildallan, Killenagh, Templeport, Tomregan. PRONI T808/15142
1703-1704 Tenants in Kildallan and Killeshandra.
1719-1727 Account Book of Tithes of the parishes of Mostrim, Granard, Columkille, Drumlumman and Ballymacormick, Templemichael. NAI M1502
1761 Poll Pook. PRONI T1522. A list of the 1137 freeholders who had two votes at a County Court held in Cavan to elect knights to represent the county at a parliament held in Dublin on 19 May 1761.
1766 Protestants in parishes of Kinawley, Lavey, Lurgan, Munterconnaught. NAI M 2476; also RCBL
1784-1790 Saunderson Estate: Account Book
1796 Spinning-Wheel Premium List. 2,400 names for Co Cavan
1801 Statistical survey of the County of Cavan, 1801
1802 Protestants in Enniskeen Parish.
1813-1821 Freeholders. NLI IR 94119 C 2
1814 Youthful Protestants in the parishes of Drung and Larah. IA, 1978
1821 Parishes of Annagelliff, Ballymachugh, Castlerahan, Castleterra, Crosserlough, Denn, Drumlumman, Drung, Kilbride, Kilmore, Kinawley, Larah, Lavey, Lurgan, Mullagh, Munterconnaught. LDS
1823-1838 Tithe Books
1824 Pigots Provincial Directory
1825 Registry of Freeholders in the County of Cavan, 01/01/1825 - 01/01/1826
1833 Arms registered with the Clear of the Peace, April. More than 1,500 names. NLI ILB 04 p 12
1838 Householders, Mullinanalaghta RC Parish
1841 Part of Killeshandra parish only. NAI
1843 Voters List. NAI 1843/71
1845-1913 Enniskillen Union Workhouse Records. PRONI BG/14
1845-1958 Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958
1849 Valuation Survey of the Castle Hamilton Estate of James Hamilton Esq, 1849
1851 List of inhabitants of Castlerahan barony, c. 1851 With Killinkere Parish registers. NLI POS 5349
1851 Some certified copies of census returns for use in claiming old age pensions. NAI
1856-1857 Griffiths Valuation.
1901 Census
1911 Census
1912 The Ulster Covenant

Available Roman Catholic Church Records

Parish Baptisms Marriages Burials Location
Annagh (Kilmore) Nov 1845 - Oct 1864 (Anna East) , Jan 1849 - Sept 1875 (Anna West) , Oct 1875 - Dec 1880 , 1875 - 1881 July 1847 - Dec 1880 (Anna East) , Nov 1864 - Aug 1899 (Anna West) NLI

Available Church Records and Transcriptions

Church of Ireland

Denomination Baptisms Marriages Burials Parish Location
Church of Ireland 1824-2006 1809-1985 1809-2006 Bailieborough RCBL
Church of Ireland 1800-1877 1785-1910 1820-1877 Castleterra RCBL
Church of Ireland 1831-1840 1831-1956 Derrylane RCBL
Church of Ireland 1877-1923 1877-1996 Dowra RCBL
Church of Ireland 1835-1875 Drumcoghill RCBL
Church of Ireland 1759-1879 1785-1876 1774-1925 Drung RCBL
Church of Ireland 1878-2002 1840-1955 1881-2000 Gowna RCBL
Church of Ireland 1879-1957 1879-1998 Killargue RCBL
Church of Ireland 1878-2000 1845-1956 1878-1999 Killegar RCBL
Church of Ireland 1735-2000 1735-1955 1735-1895 Killeshandra RCBL
Church of Ireland 1877-1998 1849-1955 1877-1998 Killanagh RCBL
Church of Ireland 1881-1999 1845-1949 1895-2001 Kingscourt RCBL
Church of Ireland 1827-2006 1827-2002 1827-2006 Knockbride RCBL
Church of Ireland 1845-1898 Larah RCBL
Church of Ireland 1846-1898 Lavey RCBL
Church of Ireland 1869-1985 1878-1984 1896-1986 Moybologue RCBL
Church of Ireland 1877-2006 1846-1876 1877-2004 Mullagh RCBL
Church of Ireland 1881-2005 1846-1955 1881-2004 Shercock RCBL
Church of Ireland 1798-1863 1798-1952 1799-1883 Swanlinbar RCBL
Church of Ireland 1837 1845-1954 1878-1906 Templeport RCBL
Period Set Records County Location
1798-1895 Swanlinbar Chapel of Ease within Kinawley Parish, Cos. Cavan and Fermanagh 1798-1822: Register of baptisms, 1798-1 Cavan PRONI MIC1/212/1
1797-1986 Tomregan Parish Church, Cos. Fermanagh and Cavan 1797-1819: Register of baptisms, 1797-1 Cavan PRONI MIC1/218/1
1845-1985 Drumlane Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1874-1985: Baptism register for Drumlane Cavan PRONI MIC1/219/1
1735-1985 Killeshandra Parish Church, Co. Cavan and for Drumcoghill Church 1735-1828: Register of baptisms, 1735-1 Cavan PRONI MIC1/220/1
1845-1958 Derrylane Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1845-1917: Baptism register of Derrylane Cavan PRONI MIC1/221/1
1845-1986 Killegar Parish Church, Co. Leitrim 1877-1985: Register of baptisms for Killegar Leitrim PRONI MIC1/222/1
1877-1986 Killinagh Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1877-1941: Baptism register of Killinagh Cavan PRONI MIC1/231/1
1859-1985 Ballaghameehan and Kiltyclogher Parish Churches, Co. Leitrim 1877-1985: Baptism register of Ballaghameehan Leitrim PRONI MIC1/232/1
1879-1981 Killargue Parish Church, Co. Leitrim 1879-1957: Register of baptisms of Killargue Leitrim PRONI MIC1/233/1
1877-1985 Innismagrath [sic Inishmagrath] Parish Church, Co. Leitrim, and Dowra Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1877-1985: Baptism register of Innismagrath Leitrim PRONI MIC1/234/1
1877-1891 Dowra Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1877-91: Baptism register of Dowra Parish Cavan PRONI MIC1/235/1
1846-1984 Derryheen Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1879-1984: Baptism register of Derryheen Cavan PRONI MIC1/237/1
1845-1986 Denn Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1879-1982: Baptism register of Denn Parish Cavan PRONI MIC1/238/1
1737-1946 Urney and Annageliffe [sic Annagelliff] Parish Churches, Co. Cavan 1804-28: Register of baptisms, marriages Cavan PRONI MIC1/239/1
1801-1985 Annagh Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1801-14: Register of baptisms, 1803-14; Cavan PRONI MIC1/240/1
1892-1985 Drumaloor Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1892-1983: Baptism register of Drumaloor Cavan PRONI MIC1/241/1
1854-1940 Quivvy Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1854-1938: Baptism register of Quivvy Parish Cavan PRONI MIC1/242/1
1860-1985 Cloverhill Parish Church, (St John's), Co. Cavan 1860-1985: Baptism register for Cloverhill Cavan PRONI MIC1/243/1
1827-1982 Killoghter [sic Killoughter] Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1827-1905: Register of baptisms, 1827-7 Cavan PRONI MIC1/244/1
1825-1930 Knockbride Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1825-35: Register of baptisms, 1825-35; Cavan PRONI MIC1/251/1
1809-1985 Bailieborough Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1809-27: Register of baptisms, 1824-7; marriages, 1809-27; and burials, 1809-27, with a list of preachers, 1825-7, of Bailieborough Parish Church, Co. Cavan. 1827-60: Register of baptisms, 1827-59; ma Cavan PRONI MIC1/252/1
1846-1979 Shercock Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1881-1979: Baptism register of Shercock Cavan PRONI MIC1/253/1
1846-1984 Mullagh Parish Church and Killenkere Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1877-1984: Baptism register of Mullagh Parish Cavan PRONI MIC1/254/1
1702-1974 Kilmore Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1702-1805: Register of baptisms, marriages Cavan PRONI MIC1/255/1
1845-1955 Ballintemple Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1880-1955: Baptism register of Ballintemple Cavan PRONI MIC1/256/1
1856-1986 Kildallon Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1856-60: Baptism register of Kildollan Parish Cavan PRONI MIC1/257/1
1847-1981 Newtowngore and Corrawallen [sic Corrawillin] Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1877-1921: Baptism register of Newtowngore Cavan PRONI MIC1/258/1
1845-1904 Munterconnaught Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1857-1904: Vestry minute with accounts, Cavan PRONI MIC1/259/1
1831-1902 Lurgan Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1831-1901: Register of baptisms, 1831-5 Cavan PRONI MIC1/260/1
1845-1901 Killenkere Parish Church, Co. Cavan, including some for Mullagh Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1878-99: Baptism register of Killenkere Cavan PRONI MIC1/261/1
1840-1987 Billis Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1840-1987: Register of baptisms, 1840-4 Cavan PRONI MIC1/262/1
1880-1900 Loughan Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1880-91: Marriage register of Loughan Parish Cavan PRONI MIC1/263/1
1845-1961 Killenumery [sic Killanummery] Parish Church 1884-1961: Baptism register of Killenumery Leitrim PRONI MIC1/264/1
1827-1984 Drumlease Parish Church, Co. Leitrim 1827-48: Register of baptisms, 1827-40; Leitrim PRONI MIC1/265/1
1801-1949 Kildrumferton Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1801-1936: Register of baptisms, 1801-2 Cavan PRONI MIC1/267/1
1816-1972 Cloonclare or Manorhamilton Parish Church, Co. Leitrim 1816-24: Register of baptisms, marriages Leitrim PRONI MIC1/268/1
1846-1984 Killasnett [sic Killasnet] or Glenlough Parish Church, Co. Leitrim 1877-1984: Baptism register of Killasnett Leitrim PRONI MIC1/269/1
1815-1986 Ballymachugh Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1816-40: Baptism register of Ballymachugh Cavan PRONI MIC1/271/1
1845-1986 Ballyjamesduff and Castlerahan Parish Churches, Co. Cavan 1877-1986: Register of baptisms, 1877-1 Cavan PRONI MIC1/273/1
1837-1985 Dernakesh Chapel of Ease in Drumgoon Parish, Co. Cavan 1837-1985: Register of baptisms, 1837-1 Cavan PRONI MIC1/279/1
1802-1957 Drumgoon Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1802-14: Register of baptisms, 1802-14; Cavan PRONI MIC1/280/1
1796-1982 Killesherdoney Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1796-1826: Register of baptisms, 1796-1 Cavan PRONI MIC1/281/1
1818-1985 Ashfield Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1821-7: Baptism register [copy] of Ashfield Cavan PRONI MIC1/282/1
1863-1986 Templeport Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1874-1986: Baptism register of Templeport Cavan PRONI MIC1/286/1
1840-1986 Gowna Parish Church, Co. Cavan, previously known as Ballymacaleny 1875-1986: Baptism register of 'Ballymacaleny' Cavan PRONI MIC1/289/1
1845-1986 Carrigallen Parish Church, Co. Leitrim 1883-1986: Baptism register of Carrigallen Leitrim PRONI MIC1/290/1
1845-1956 Arvagh Parish Church [or Arva], Co. Cavan 1877-1905: Baptism register of Arvagh Parish Cavan PRONI MIC1/291/1
1845-1983 Castleterra (or Ballyhaise) Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1877-1983: Baptism register of Castleterra Cavan PRONI MIC1/294/1
1845-1983 Rossinver Parish Church 1876-1986: Baptism register of Rossinver Leitrim PRONI MIC1/296/1
1757-1986 Drung and Larah Parishes, Co. Cavan 1759-1827: Register of baptisms, 1759-1 Cavan PRONI MIC1/300/1
1845-1967 Larah Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1887-1987: Baptism register of Larah Parish Cavan PRONI MIC1/301/1
1846-1984 Lavey Parish Church, Co. Cavan 1883-1984: Baptism register of Lavey Parish Cavan PRONI MIC1/302/1

Methodist Church

Period Records Location
1879-1955 Baptism register of Swanlinbar Circuit, Cos. Fermanagh and Cavan. PRONI MIC1E/11/1
1865-1946 Marriage register of Swanlinbar Wesleyan Methodist Church, Co. Cavan, known after 1879 as Swanlinbar Methodist Church. PRONI MIC1E/11/1
1877-1966 Baptism register relating to Blacklion Circuit, Cos. Cavan, Leitrim and Fermanagh (Blacklion, Swanlinbar, Florencecourt and Aughnacloy Churches), 1877-8; to Blacklion Circuit in Cos. Cavan and Fermanagh, 1878-c.1950; and to Blacklion Methodist Church, c.1950-1966. PRONI MIC1E/12/1
1868-1954 Marriage register of Blacklion Wesleyan Methodist Church, later known as Blacklion Methodist Church. PRONI MIC1E/12/1
1839-1910 Baptism register for Clones Methodist Circuit, Cos. Monaghan, Cavan and Fermanagh [Wesleyan Methodists]. PRONI MIC1E/27/1
1872-1970 Baptism register for Clones Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, 1872-80; and then for Clones Methodist Circuit, 1910-70. PRONI MIC1E/27/1
1872-1946 Marriage register of Clones Wesleyan Methodist Church, Co. Monaghan. PRONI MIC1E/27/1
1879-1970 Baptism register for Bailieborough Circuit, Cos. Cavan and Monaghan. [Wesleyan Methodist] PRONI MIC1E/49/1
1887-1952 Marriage register for Bailieborough Wesleyan Methodist Church, Co. Cavan. PRONI MIC1E/49/1
1880-1928 Baptism register of Ballyjamesduff Methodist Circuit, Cos. Cavan and Meath [Wesleyan Methodist]. PRONI MIC1E/50/1
1886-1917 Baptism register of Ballyjamesduff Methodist Church, Co. Cavan. PRONI MIC1E/50/1
1840-1902 Baptism register of Killeshandra Circuit, Cos. Cavan and Leitrim, and then of Cavan circuit, Cos. Cavan and Meath from c.1853, which included Killeshandra up to 1870. [For baptism entries from 1870 for Killeshandra, see MIC/1E/52] PRONI MIC1E/51/1
1839-61 Baptism register of Cavan Mission Station, 1839-51; and then of Clones Circuit, Co. Monaghan, 1852-61. PRONI MIC1E/51/1
1869-1923 Marriage register of Cavan Methodist Church, Co. Cavan. PRONI MIC1E/51/1
1870-1986 Baptism register of Killeshandra Circuit, Cos. Cavan, Leitrim and Longford, and of Corlespratten [sic Corlisbrattan] Church on the Cavan and Longford Circuit. [For earlier baptism entries, see MIC/1E/51] PRONI MIC1E/52/1
1864-1950 Marriage register of Corlespratten [sic Corlisbrattan] Wesleyan Methodist Church, Co. Cavan. It was part of Cavan circuit prior to 1870. PRONI MIC1E/52/1
1894-1910 Circuit schedule book for the Killeshandra Circuit - churches at Killeshandra and Corlespratten [sic Corlisbrattan]. PRONI MIC1E/52/1
1910-27 Quarterly meeting minute book of Killeshandra Circuit. PRONI MIC1E/52/1
1880-1974 Baptism register of Belturbet Methodist Circuit, Cos. Cavan and Fermanagh. [Churches at Belturbet and Ballyconnell.] PRONI MIC1E/53/1
1880-1955 Marriage register of Ballyconnell Methodist Church, Co. Cavan. PRONI MIC1E/53/1
1846-1910 Baptism register of Cootehill Methodist Circuit, Cos. Cavan and Monaghan [Wesleyan Methodist]. [For either baptisms, see MIC/1E/54C/2.] PRONI MIC1E/54/1
1871-1955 Marriage register of Cootehill Methodist Church, Co. Cavan. PRONI MIC1E/54/1
1877-8 Marriage register of Cootehill Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Church, Co. Cavan. PRONI MIC1E/54/1
1882-1950 Marriage register of Cortubber [Cortobber] Methodist Church, Co. Monaghan. PRONI MIC1E/54/1
1835-78 Accounts, 1835-42, for Bailieborough Mission and lists of members in the Bailieborough Mission, 1838-46; and in Cootehill Circuit, 1873-8. PRONI MIC1E/54/1
1847-72 Register of members of the Cootehill Circuit, 1847-72; with baptisms, 1835-6 and 1843-6. Churches at Cootehill, Bailieborough, Kingscourt, Rockcorry and Shercock. PRONI MIC1E/54/1
1894-1910 Register of members of Ballybay Band of Hope, Co. Monaghan. PRONI MIC1E/54/1
1882-1961 Baptism register of Mohill, later called Ballinamore and Newtowngore Methodist Circuit, Co. Leitrim. PRONI MIC1E/55/1
1888-1905 Damage register of Mohill Methodist Church, Co. Leitrim. PRONI MIC1E/55/1
1897-1949 Marriage register of Newtowngore Methodist Church, Co. Leitrim. PRONI MIC1E/55/1
1897-1910 Quarterly meeting minute book of Mohill Methodist Circuit. PRONI MIC1E/55/1
1910-36 Quarterly meeting minute book of Mohill Methodist Circuit. PRONI MIC1E/55/1

Other Available Records

Record Location
Gravestone inscriptions
Cavan Library Online Section


1796 Spinning Wheel Premium List
Resources relating to Baronies
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Resources relating to Civil Parishes and Townlands
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Resources relating to Poor Law Unions
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